Swedish citizen, b. 1947

Academic degrees

Ph.D. political science, University of Göteborg, 1975
Filosofie kandidat, University of Göteborg, 1971


Advisor, Gullers Grupp, 2012-2017
Senior advisor, SNS, The Swedish Centre for Business and Policy Studies, 2009-2011
Research Director, SNS, 1997–2009
Professor, University of Uppsala, 1996–1997
Associate Professor, University of Uppsala, 1978–1996
Assistant Professor, University of Uppsala, 1974–1978
Research Assistant, University of Göteborg, 1971–1974


Member of the advisory board of the royal commission on psychological defense 2019–2020
Member of The SNS Democratic Audit of Sweden from 1995, director 1996-2008
Member of the advisory board of The Johnson Research Foundation, 1998–1999
Member of the board of The Norwegian Research Centre in Organization and Management, 1996–
Member of the advisory board of the royal commission on the evaluation of university reform, 1994–1996
Member of the board av the Scandinavian Public Administration Association, 1994–
Member of the evaluation group of The Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen
Member of the royal commission on the reform of the Swedish economic and political system, 1992–1993
Government assignment to evaluate research on universities, 1993
Member of the Government’s advisory board on research policy, 1992–1994
Swedish delegate to The Nordic Council of Minister seminar on parliamentary reform, St. Petersburg, 1992
Swedish delegate to the OSCE expert seminar on democratic institutions, Oslo 1991
Member of the Government’s advisory board on the future of the Swedish society, 1991–1992
Director of The Swedish Study of Power and Democracy, 1985–1990
Member of the editorial board of Electoral Studies, 1982–1988
Director of the Swedish election studies, 1973–1976

Guest researcher, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo 1979, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, Paris 1982, Fachbereich Politische Wissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin 1984, Centre for Advanced Study, University of Oslo 2002.

Teaching and guest lectures at the University of Oslo 1979, London School of Economics and Political Science 1979, Pomona College, Claremont 1980, University of California, Berkeley 1980, Kent State University 1980, University of Michigan 1980, University of Minnesota 1980, Harvard University 1980, Århus universitet 1984 and 1990, Universität Wien 1988, LOS-senteret Bergen 1989 and 1993, Norwegian Association of Political Science 1989,1993 and 1999, Åbo Akademi 1990, Oxford University 1991, Trondheim University 1991, Institute for International Relations Moscow 1995, University of Copenhagen 1998, University of Bergen 1999, University of Moscow 2001.

Ph.D. evaluation committees University of Umeå 1976, University of Uppsala 1978, University of Stockholm 1981, University of Åbo 1990 and European University Institute, Florence 1991, University of Karlstad 1999.


The Nordic Prize of the student union at the University of Uppsala, 1985.
The Torgny Segerstedt medal, University of Uppsala 1992.